Gnoll Paladin


Lawful Good Level 5 Deity Thor
Size Medium Age 24 Gender M Height 7’6" Weight 300
Eyes Green Fur Black Skin Thick Hair

Str 18 +4
Dex 17 +3
Con 17 +3
Int 16 +3
Wis 18 +4
Cha 18 +4

HP 64
AC 20 + 10+ Armor Bonus 8 + Shield Bonus 1 + Dex Modifier 1

Saving Throws:
Fortitude 11 = Base Save 4
Reflex 9 = Base Save 1
Will 9 + base save 1

Melee 9 = Base atk bonus 5 + Str modifier 4
Ranged 8 + Base atk bonus 5 + Dex modifier 3

Weapon: Great Sword Total atk bonus: 10 Dmg: 2d6 +5 Crit 20 (x2)
Weapon Longbow Total atk bonus 9 Dmg d8 +1 Crit 20 (x2)

Full plate: type Hvy Armor bonus: 8 Max dex bonus: 1
Shield: small steel shield

Appraise: int: 7=3+4
Diplomacy: cha: 12+4+8
Handle Animal: cha: 12+4+8
Knowledge(religion): int: 11=3+8
Ride: dex: 11=3+8

Special Abilities:
Divine Health (immune to disease)
Divine Grace (CHA bonus to saves)
Detect Evil
Lay on Hands
Weapon Focus
Smite Evil (CHA bonus to AB+ damage vs Evil 1)
Aura of Courage (
2 save vs fear)
Remove Disease
Turn Undead
Special Mount (pocket pony)
Mounted Combat

1 st: Bless water

Exp points: 5,800

Languages: Abyssal, Common


I had a normal life once: a family, a clan. At age 10, I was training the hyenas of my clan. At age 15 I was leading the hunting parties. I had a mate, Gnara, and we had pups who grew strong and swift. At age 20, I was out scouting with my mate Gnara and our hyenas, stretching our legs, searching for game to hutn, when we smelled smoke and ran back.

As we scoured the rubble of our clan’s camp, we found only shreds of clothing and splashes of blood. Everyone was dead – our children, our families, our friends. The Butcher’s Brood devoured our kin, right down to the bones. We spent the next four years tracking the evil Yeenoghu worshipping clan responsible for the slaughter of everyone we loved. In the final battle, although we wiped out the demon worshippers, I lost the only family I had left; my mate, and our hyenas. I realized revenge is too expensive, so I chose the path of good.

Now, I search for a new clan, and seek to purge the world of evil, so that what happened to me will never happen to another.


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