Race: Litorian/ Size: Large/ Age: 17/ Gender: Female/ Height: Eight feet/ Weight: 330 lb/ Eyes: Gold/ Hair: Black/ Skin: Gold-Tan Fur/ Alignment: Lawful Evil


Strength: 16 +3
Dexterity: 13 +1
Constitution: 12 +1
Intelligence: 14 +3
Wisdom: 12 +1
Charisma: 13 +1

HP, 25
AC, 14

Claws: Total attack bonus 8, Damage D81, Critical x2, Range NA
Bracer: Claws +1, Range NA
Throwing Knives: Total attack bonus +6, Damage 1D6, Critical 19-20×2, Range 30ft, Type Ranged weapon, Special Properties +1

Armor/Protective Item: Studded Leather, Armor bonus +6, Max Dexterity bonus +5, Check penalty -1, Special Properties +1

Melee: +7, Base attack bonus 4, Strength Modifier +3
Ranged: +5, Base attack bonus 4, Strength Modifier +1

Saving Throws:
Fortitude: (constitution) Base Save +4
Reflex: (Dexterity) Base Save +7
Will: (Wisdom) Base Save +2


My name is Sasha Inavera Greatclaw of the Ice Mountain Clan. And I am a member of a noble blood line. Well, the line that makes me next in line to be ruler, that is.

I have grown up from a child amongst my people. Most would expect me to whine “Oh my teachings are too hard, Oh my father is too hard on me after my brother died in a duel” But really my life is perfect.

I am a proud, full class, noble bloodline Litorian, a member of one of the most feared Clans in the lands. We breed Assassins, (like myself) Rogues, Warriors, Spellcasters, you name it we have the best of it.

Some call me arrogant. They don’t usually live long enough to say another word. I do NOT tolerate insolence.

When my twin brother Lucian and I were 6 years of age our mother had another child, Lucian and I made bets on if it would be a boy or a girl. In the end I won as I always win, a baby girl was born. They named her Nara.

Years later when we where 14, I met my other half, or Soul as it is more commonly called. The one I would stay with the rest of my life. His name is Jerick Oh’mock Night’Tracker.

Jerick and I have been together ever since the night we met, at the festival of becoming, A great celebration amongst my people. It is thrown when the ice begins to melt, a sign of a new year coming to be. It was also four nights before Lucian was killed in a duel.

He had been challenged by Yorzik Blades. A cheater, he used poison blades. He was the young son of a rival house, at the time it was anyway. My Mother burned their palace to the ground the week after.. with all the family inside of course. The idiots where celebrating their victory in killing my brother. All of them in one place. Fools

My mother is the most powerful spellcaster in our clan, a great teacher and possibly the most feared woman alive. Nara took after her, the path of spells. I didn’t see her much, we were very different. But when we did we got along just fine.

Not the way me and Lucian did though, I don’t think I will ever have that bond again.

Jerrick was very angery with my father after Lucian died, for having me training day in, day out. I’d come to our room so tired I could hardly walk. He didn’t understand.. My father could not bear to lose another child, so he made sure that his remaining 2 were damn near unkillable. My mother sided with him.

I was greatful, for it was their harshness that beat the weakness out of me. Jerrick dealt with it in that silent way of his. He is so very emotional sometimes.

Now at 16 years, we must part for a time. It is called a walkabout. It happens, when two mated Litorian come of age.

We walk down the mountain together and then, at the point when the path splits, so do we. We walk for five years or longer. It’s up to the leaders of your clan. Jerick and I got six years. When we come back, whoever reaches the split in the path first waits for the other to come.

If one waits a year, and their other does not come, they are considered dead and one has the choice to go back to their clan or leave and travel the world. Most come back in hopes that one day their soul will come back.

If one does come and they are joined again, after so long alone they go up the mountain together.

If one or both of you are not scarred from battle, and have brought back trophies from your kills, you may as well just not have come back.

You will be cast out, considered unworthy. Even I, next to be ruler must abide by this rule, for it is sacred. Though if you ask me it’s a waste of time. Jerick and I are the strongest pair in our clan. It’s laughable that they think it possible we won’t come back. In fact, it’s entirely laughable.

When we come back, and take the throne we will be the best rulers our clan has ever and will ever see. For we will become a power that will be feared throughout the lands and sea.

I am, after all, my parents’ daughter. Who would I be if I disappointed them?

Bring on the world, and every living thing in it. I’m ready.


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